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Waste Meeting 16 January 2018

Members are invited to attend the following meeting focussed on the London Zero Waste Initiative and the potential it offers.

Hosted By: BIFFA, Poplars Landfill, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 8NQ

Date:  Tuesday 16th January 2018

Time: 11am


  1. Welcome by Biffa
  2. Discussion - London Zero Waste Initiative: In November, London Mayor Sadiq Khan pledged to make London a zero waste city. By 2026 no biodegradable or recyclable waste will be sent to landfill and by 2030 65 per cent of London’s municipal waste will be recycled. To achieve this, London will look not just at how it deals with its waste, but at how products are designed and produced, how Londoners use them, and what happens to them after their original use has ended. This will mean helping Londoners to only use what they need, and to reuse things where they can. This will begin with food waste and single-use packaging, like coffee cups and plastic bottles, because these make up 30 per cent of London’s municipal waste.   We will be joined at the meeting by a representative of the Waste Division of the London Mayor’s Office.
  3. Discussion – What are the options from a packaging prospective?  Martin Kersch from the Food Packaging Association will outline what the options are from a packaging perspective.
  4. Discussion – How do we deal with educating consumers better to recycle food packaging waste?   Is there a case for an ‘Empty it – Bin it’ campaign?   Led by Jim Winship, Director of the British Sandwich & Food To Go Association and The Café Life Association
  5. Discussion – What position should the Association take with regard to packaging Waste?

Approx. 1pm Lunch and Tour of  Biffa Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Cannock Depending on numbers attendees may be split into two groups for the tour.

Attendance Limited to 20 people

It is intended that the meeting will finish at approximately 2.30pm

Lunch will be provided courtesy of Biffa – please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirement