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26th January 2017 - Management Committee Minutes

Report from the BSA Management Committee meeting held at Greggs, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


Camilla Dean, The Food Fellas (Supplier) – vice chair

Andrew Hesketh, Greggs (Baker)

Georg Burhkohl, Subway (Sandwich bar chain)

Neil Wood, Woods (Independent Sandwich Bar)

Anthony Wilkinson, Street Eats (Producer)

Clare Jones, Greencore (Producer)

Jim Winship, BSA

Gethin Evans, BSA


Tom Goulden, Marks & Spencer (Retail)

Jonathan Scoffield, Greencore (Producer) – chair

Sally Gabbitas, Tri-Star (Supplier)

James Cornish, Ginsters (Van Sales)

Shaun Birrell, Waitrose (Retail)

Peter Mayley, La Baguetterie (Independent Sandwich Bar)

Sohel Patel, Halal Foods (Producer)


Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed. Matters arising are dealt with below.

The Minutes of the last meeting were amended to acknowledge an apology from Sohel Patel.

Key Project Groups

Brexit: The meeting discussed the letter recently sent to all Members of Parliament. As a result of sending this, conversations have been held with several MPs and the Association is meeting with the shadow minister for business and international trade Bill Esterson to discuss the issues. Jonathan Scoffield is also attending this meeting.

The meeting agreed that the Association should continue to lobby around this issue.

A meeting is also being held at the end of this month with 7 other trade associations to explore how they can work together more closely in future on these issues.

Waste: The meeting discussed the recent launch of the new charity waste guidelines and Jim Winship reported that he is to meet with Fairshare shortly to discuss how they might work with Association members in this area.

The meeting agreed that the Association should also produce some guidelines for smaller retailers on how they should work with charities and explore a viable product testing package which they could use to verify product safety.

Reporting on a recent meeting of the Waste Group, Andrew Hesketh said that they had agreed to focus on food and packaging waste but felt that the first priority should be to carry out a survey of the industry to ascertain the priorities members have in this area. At the meeting the group had also decided that the main focus should be on issues where the Association could lobby for change rather than in trying to find solutions to specific problems.

It was agreed that the Association would establish an on-going questionnaire which would be sent out to members, and also to award entrants, to gather information on what the industry perceives the main issues to be.

It was further agreed that composition of the Waste Group should be focused more around those involved in waste within their businesses rather than Management Committee members.

The Secretariat to also establish a ‘workshop’ meeting, along the lines of the Technical Forum, to discuss waste issues in the industry with the aim of encouraging those involved to get involved in the sub-committee.

It was agreed that one of the issues is the varying approach to recycling by different local authorities. The Association to lobby Government on this.

It was also agreed that the Association should explore whether it is viable to establish an agreement with a waste collection agency, such as Biffa, to work with members. This might help to overcome the variability of recycling by local authorities.

Environment: Anthony Wilkinson reported that he had been in discussions with Gethin Evans over the focus of the group and the potential overlap with the Waste Group.

The meeting agreed that environment should be included in the survey of members proposed by the waste group with a view to establishing the key issues for the Committee to focus on.

It was also agreed that the Association should organize a ‘workshop’ on environment with a view to identifying the key issues to focus on.

Growth: The meeting discussed British Sandwich Week and in particular the opportunity for developing a wider relationship with Network Rail to promote the Week across the whole rail network. Gethin reported that he was meeting with Network Rail shortly about this.

It was felt that this presented a real opportunity for members to link their own marketing into the campaign but this opportunity needed to be highlighted to marketing departments much earlier. The Secretariat to contact member marketing departments now to particularly highlight the Network Rail opportunity for 2018.

It was further agreed that, if possible, the Association should use the Network Rail campaign this year to highlight the amount of products given by the industry to charities each year with a statement along the lines: “Our members donate of £XXX to charity every year”

BSA Awards

The meeting discussed how the integrity of the awards could be further enhanced by moving away as much as possible from relying on entries to judging from market data. This to be a priority for future years.

It was further agreed that the marketing award should be reviewed with the aim of asking those involved in marketing departments for the campaigns they felt to have been most successful in the year (other than their own). In addition, a panel of marketing specialists, possibly including a representative from Marketing Week, to be asked to judge this category.

The charity supported at the awards was also discussed. It was agreed that the Secretariat should talk to them about using a text system to take donations, perhaps with a good prize attached as an incentive for people to give. The Association might seek a sponsor for the prize.

It was further agreed that the staff from the charity should be encouraged to stay later to collect contributions around the bar etc. after the dinner.

BBC Music Day

The meeting briefly discussed BBC Music Day and the opportunity for sandwich bars and cafes to use this to draw in more customers. Information has been circulated to members on this and the BBC has offered to help those interested by providing them with advice and point-of-sale support. The date is 9th June, 2017.

Immigration Guidance

The Association has drafted guidance on what employers need to do to check the immigration status of potential employees but is struggling to get it checked by the Home Office. The aim is to publish the information on the Association website once it is checked.

Next Meeting

The next Management Committee meeting will take place at 11am on 16th March 2017 at Tri-Star, Enfield, London.