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Cranks and M&S target vegetarian and vegan food to go

Cranks and M&S have both targeted the fast-growing vegetarian and vegan sector with new ranges. 

The number of non-meat eaters in the UK has risen significantly over recent years, with an estimated two million people now committed to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle with even more ‘flexitarians’ looking to reducing the amount of meat they eat during the week as part of a balanced approach to diet.

Cranks has relaunched with a new range of sandwiches after teaming up with food to go manufacturer Street Eats. Cranks" Senior Brand Account Manager Cheryl Graham believes the latest range will be well received by those looking for meat-free options.  “We want to offer everyone, whether vegetarian, vegan or neither with wholesome great tasting food to go. That has always been what Cranks is about and we definitely feel that our new range offers that, so we’re really excited to be back.”

The collaboration with Street Eats sees Cranks reunited with Head of Innovation Mark Arnold, who was involved in the creation of the initial Cranks ranges and has been equally as involved in the relaunch of the brand after months of hard work.

The initial range sees 12 products launched comprising of six sandwiches, two wraps, two salads and two hot toasties, a quarter of which is suitable for vegans. The full Cranks range is launched on 30th January with more launches planned over the coming months. 

“Cranks has a really proud heritage of creating tasty, innovative food to go products and Mark and the team have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have something for everyone as we relaunch. The offering not only has some Cranks favourites within it, such as the Rockafeta and Argi Bhaji sandwiches, but also some new products that we are really excited about, such as the BFG sandwich and the Cheesaroni Melt,” continued Cheryl.

Mark is understandably proud to see the new products hit the shelves. “I love working on the Cranks brand and I’m delighted with what we have created for the relaunch, my personal favourite is the BFG sandwich. It’s Balsamic Fig and Goats Cheese with tomatoes, peppers, spinach and ruccola and I really think it’s going to be a hugely popular product, it’s something different and the flavours meld together perfectly so I’m excited to hear the feedback it gets."

Meanwhile, M&S has moved into vegan sandwiches for the first time with the launch of two new lines – the Super Green sandwich, an edamame and minted pea filling wrapped up in a chia and linseed bread, and the Rainbow Veg sandwich, with roasted vegetables and avocado with pumpkin seeds in a red pepper bread.

The retailer is likely to have been encouraged by Pret’s recent successful move into the sector with a vegetarian and vegan only outlet last year. A second store is expected soon.

M&S has also launched ‘Veggie Pots’ – two out of the three are suitable for vegans – the Nutty Cauliflower Trio Veggie Pot and Glorious Greens & Seeds Veggie Pot.

Helen Brennan, M&S head of product direction and development, commented: “We’ve seen a huge increase in interest from our customers in vegan eating and we noticed there was a gap in the market for food that vegans can eat on the go for lunch. We decided to create two new sandwiches that vegans can enjoy – they are so tasty and nutritious I’m sure non vegans will enjoy eating them too!"